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LULAC Cincinnati – Council 39004

LULAC Cincinnati Council 39004 was founded in 2005 to help Latinos access the services they need and address issues that face Latinos in our community.   The primary focus of LULAC Cincinnati is to place a positive light on Latinos in the local community through educational programs and to provide scholarships for college, to help Latinos assimilate into American society, and to help prevent the separation of families due to immigration problems.   LULAC is not a direct service provider, however as an organization, we have contacts with agencies in every field -- legal, medical, mental health, education, employment etc.   LULAC Cincinnati aims to build strong coalitions of corporate partners and grassroots efforts as well as a large membership to gain political affluence. We support the idea that you can be a strong American and hold on to our own culture as well.

One of our major accomplishments was to bring the LULAC National Convention to Cincinnati in 2011. We had over 19 thousands Hispanics in the city!

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